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IT Support Brisbane | 3 Common Technology Problems and the keys to solving them

It’s no surprise to most of us that small businesses struggle to maintain their IT infrastructure. Though some problems really do require expert intervention to solve, there are some that can be dealt with internally, but rarely do. The following are some of the problems and how to solve them.

Problem 1: Inconsistent or weak email security

Did you know that 92.4% of malware is delivered by email? Not only is it a common vector of attack, but it’s also a successful one too. The same report shows that 30% of those studied open phishing emails, 12% even click the malicious links.

There are two main contributing factors to this issue. As hackers know, email is a very effective way to gain access to your company resources, and many employees aren’t aware of the dangers that posed by email or the precautions that should be taken to mitigate them.

  • Use 2-factor authentication: This is the easiest measure to take. 2-factor authentication hardens your accounts beyond the usual username and password. It works by having users verify their identity in two ways: something they know (e.g. a username and password) and also something they have (generally a smartphone app). This security method has proven invaluable in preventing hacking attacks (e.g. brute-force attacks). Unfortunately, a recent study found that 2FA is not commonly adopted by businesses. There are many different 2FA options out there, generally you will be provided with a backup method like an SMS, phone call, alternate email, and recovery codes to mitigate the risk of losing your device. This risk seems to be the main reason, along with marginally more effort being put into logging in that holds people back from adopting this, however, you can set up alternate methods so you’re protected, even if you lose your device.
  • Train emplayees in email best practices: A good starting point might be to show employess this article along with the basics of recognising phishing attacks. However, as the attacks get more sophisticated, so should your employees defences. Monthly memos about phishing attacks can be helpful in making sure your employees are aware of recent attacks and best practices.

Problem 2: Poor IT Vendor Management

According to a Tech Republic Survey, most companies report spending more time managing their IT vendors than two yars ago. This is driven largely by a growing interest in cloud computing, SaaS, and cybersecurity services. IT vendor management is imperetive to enabling you to deliver positive outcomes in IT related fields and control those services.

For the best outcomes, pick a reliable IT support company and try to sick with the one as much as possible.

Problem 3: Poorly Secured Workstations

Cybersecurity is be a big and important issue. Unfortunately, one area where businesses tend to fall down is in securing their workstations. So what can be done about this?

  • Employ Strong Passwords: According to an interesting data break down by Verizon. The majority of hacking related breaches involve a compromised user device. This highlights the importance of securing employees work devices with such measures as anti-virus software and group policies. Your thinking about passwords probably also needs to be updated. For instance, did you know that mixing lower and uppercase letters is no longer a good way to ensure password security? The person who came up with that rule actually regrets saying it.
  • Secure Administrator Privileges: Administrator accounts can be very useful for performing important tasks on a computer network. They can also be very dangerous to give out unnecessarily on a high value network like a company intranet. If regular staff have access to administrator accounts and privileges, they (and your company) are doubly vulnerable to hacking tactics like Social Engineering.

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