New iPhone 6 has landed at Key Technologies

The much anticipated iPhone 6 stock has arrived today – handsets in Silver, Gold and Space Gray are available and we won’t lie, they all look fantastic. For our Brisbane business customers who jumped on to our waiting list, couriers are booked and iPhones will be received shortly.

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iPhone 6 arrived

If you are after the latest iPhone 6 for you or your staff contact our team on 1300 755 615.

There has been no shortage of online hype surrounding the iPhone 6 release, along with Apples latest iOS 8 instalment, if you are looking to cut through the Chaff and see what feature improvements are relevant for business users, see this recent article we posted – iOS 8 – Feature Improvements for Business Users

Have a quick question about the iPhone 6? Add in the comments box below and we’ll answer it. Or stay up to date with the latest articles connect with us directly on LinkedIn or Google+.

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