iOS 8 – Feature Improvements for Business Users

In preparation of Apples media ‘unveiling’ on September 9 (U.S. time) we thought we would put together a list of the best business features that will be included with Apples latest mobile operating system iOS8, which will be available for iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5s, iPhone 6… Sorry iPhone 4 users. Though an exact date has not been announced for iOS8 yet, historically we can expect about a week after Apples announcement for the iPhone 6.

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So what iOS8 improvements will be relevant to iPhone business users?

iOS 8 Mail Improvements

Simple functionality additions that will help with keep your inboxes tidy, you can mark messages according to read or unread and flag them for follow-up with a quick swipe left or right.

Easily keep track of conversation updates by marking individual mail threads as VIP.

View group VIP threads together in your mailbox with a customised mailbox view.

Choose to have external email addresses marked in red for added security.

And if you use Exchange, you can set automatic reply messages from your iOS device to be sent, for example, when you’re away from work.

iOS 8 Calendar Improvements

See you colleagues’ availability when scheduling a meeting in Calendar, helping you quickly find a time that works for everyone.

Create events that repeat at customised intervals and lengths of time e.g. on the first Monday of every month

Email meeting attendees directly from your Calendar to let them know you’re running late

iOS 8 Productivity Improvements

Can you iPhone access your corporate file servers? Third-party document apps will now be able to make documents available to other apps more easily so you can get to the document you need straight from the application you want to view or edit it in.

For iCloud – Apps (no just Apple Apps) will be able to access iCloud Drive delivering “continuity” across different applications e.g. an application like Sketchbook will be able to save documents to your iCloud, making these documents available across iOS devices and Mac (provided there is Mac compatibility).

iOS 8 Keyboard Improvements

iPhone users will be familiar with the ‘average’ performance of the stock keyboard to date on iOS devices; a continued source of frustration for many who weren’t using a third-party keyboard option. For the first time, Apple has renewed its keyboard. iOS8 will support context-sensitive predictive typing, giving you a list of words you can use to make your typing faster.

iOS 8 for Apple Mobile Devices

iOS 8 Will See Some Major Changes to Integration

Text Message Integration

Your iPhone will now be able to send text messages to your Mac, a very cool feature that will relay your regular text messages (sent by non-iOS phones) into the iMessage app on your Mac.

Call Integration

As with text message integration, your iPhone will also be able to relay voice calls to your Mac (along with Caller ID) and enabling calls from your Mac through your iPhone. Your iPhone automatically gets integrated, while your Mac acts like a speaker and microphone.

Add photos to Notes – A personal favourite

Photos can be inserted into the Notes app from the Photos app for the first time in iOS 8. Notes has also gained rich text editing.

One to Watch – App Integration

Previously, Apple had very stringent rules about how apps can run in iOS. Apps were not able to talk to each other because they have run in “sandboxes”. Apple is minimising restrictions so that apps can work together, which will see some significant changes.

Better Performing Notifications Centre

With iOS8 you will be able to answer notifications without having leaving apps or without having to unlock your phone. The notification enhancements will also be customizable so you can include info-packed and function-packed widgets right in your Notifications screen.

The benefit of ‘function-packed’ widgets added into your phones Notification Centre means if you have the eBay app, you will be able to bid directly from your Notification Centre. Pick and choose which apps get their widgets displayed and rearrange them to suit your requirements.

Lastly – Some Other Cool Features

For the forgetful, you can activate ‘last location’ on your iPhone, this feature will ping your devices last known location to Apple when your devices battery drains to a critical level. Great feature if you have ever lost or misplaced your phone.

For online purchases you will be able to scan credit card numbers in iOS8s web browser (safari) utilizing your devices camera, saving you manually entering your credit card details.

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