Is My Business Phone System NBN Network Compatible?

Have you had a call from a sales person informing you that your Business Phone System is not compatible with the new NBN network? Or will cease to work once copper services have been cut?

A number of Key Technologies clients have phoned in recently to confirm similar claims, and with a quick check we were able to confirm in all instances that their current business phone systems were in fact NBN compatible.

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We didn’t have to search too far to learn other Brisbane businesses have also been on the receiving end of such calls; here is a post from Whirlpool (Australian internet and technology discussion forums)…

“Just had a phone rep call into my business. Advised the NBN was not far away (no dates yet) and that if we didn’t replace the existing PSTN phone system, we’d be without phones. Advised that there is no adapter/converter to enable the existing system to work with the NBN (panasonic system)

…but a quick phone call and a bit of searching and it seems I was being outright lied to. Hate these kinds of tactics.”

Whirlpool Forums

Business Phone Systems and NBN Compatibility

A common misconception is that only business I.P. phone systems are upgradable to the NBN, and that ISDN and PSTN phone systems are not. Less reputable phone providers are leveraging this misconception in order to sell unsuspecting Brisbane businesses a completely new phone system, even though their existing phone system is NBN network compatible.

If you have received a similar call and are unsure whether you will be left without a working phone system, or want to take advantage of the NBN roll out – contact one of our friendly team to discuss your available options.

Our ‘Done-For-You’ motto means we make switching to the NBN easy!

If you choose to connect to the NBN with us, let us know and we’ll do the rest – including managing your installation appointment schedules and any communications.

Feel free to share your experiences in the comments box below, or connect with the Key Technologies team directly on LinkedIn and Google+.

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