Integrate your Smart Phone with your Business for Productivity Gains

Integrating your communications with the way your business ‘does business’ and reap the productivity gains while shelving your frustrations of ‘wishing there was a better way’.

Wanting the latest device just because it is the ‘latest device’ is school yard thinking, progressive businesses are recognising smart devices are the key to significant competitive advantages… And there clients are wrapped.

Below are 3 ways Key Technologies have helped improve the productivity for our clients through integrating their communications with the right smart devices and configuring to their business…

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Turn any phone (inc. your Mobile) into an office phone

Integrate your desk phone, smart phone, computer and phone system to deliver combined functionality whether you’re at your desk, on the road or in a meeting.

Away from your desk a lot?
Set office and mobile to ring simultaneously

Chained to your computer?
Make calls directly from Outlook – Even set meetings in your calendar and have your presence status automatically update

Called out of the office suddenly?
Update your presence status from your mobile – Voicemail can be set to change automatically also

In a meeting but waiting on an important call?

Setup priority lists to let urgent calls through and redirect others – At the touch of a button forward calls to a department that can help immediately

Continue working away from the office… and without a laptop!

Office 365 apps are accessible directly from your mobile and all files and settings are synced automatically between your phone, desktop, laptop, browser and team.

Need supporting docs on the go? Brochures and contracts can be forwarded to potential new clients from the cloud immediately

Meeting with contractors?
Permission can be extended immediately to project folders (and files) at the click of a button

Need the design team to update presentation files quick?
IM (instant message) team members and include file mark-ups, access updates via the cloud

Frustrated hunting for the latest version?
All the work you complete on the go is synced with your office computer, ready and accessible when you return to the office

Manage your business from your Smart Phone

Business applications deliver great efficiencies with very little effort, helping businesses to manage aspects of their business quickly, effectively and from your smart phone if you choose.

xero app logoBusiness Accounting on your smart deviceSend invoices directly from your smart phone as soon as the work’s done. Manage payroll easily with superannuation payments and tax updates automatic. Manage leave and staff requests with an online portal that provides a complete picture of your payroll.

geoop app logo

Job Management on your smart device
Office and field workers can collaborate and share real-time job information via their smart phone helping you to easily manage staff in the field, schedule and track jobs in real-time, quote on the spot and invoice same day.

deputy app logo

Staff Management on your smart device
Manage employee time better by creating and sharing job rosters, replace absent staff quickly and get near real time timesheets

docusign app logo

Get Documents Signed Digitally
Start signing, sending and storing documents from any device. Finalise contracts on the spot safely and securely. In the office, at home or on-the-go you can easily send documents for electronic signature in minutes and its legally binding.

A Great Place To Start!

Office 365 is perfect for business…

office 365, your office your settings

We have broken costs down even further, comparing on-site Exchange servers and maintenance requirements against Office 365

The Costs Comparison

Don’t Stress

Introducing a technology shift can be easy!

It doesn’t have to be All-or-Nothing > We recommend a Step-by-Step approach – Providing service redundancy, giving your business time to adjust and supporting staff up-take of new procedures.

Need a tech strategy for your business?
Talk to us about your needs on 1300 755 615

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