Call Recording for Business Performance

When considering your business have you ever thought ‘If my business hinges on what my agents say to my customers, we’d better make sure that what they are saying is effective’? It can be easy to lose touch with the people that are the voice of your business, this disconnect can result in the loss of vital information from your customers to your company decision makers.

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Learn What Your Customers Really Want with Call Recording

Understand your clients needs is a proactive responsibility, if you’re waiting to hear from your clients, there is a good chance irreparable damage has already been done.

A great way for businesses to get on the front foot is with Call Recording.

Call recording is not just for Big Brother, all kinds of businesses and departments utilize call recording and there are a number of reasons to support implementing a phone recording solution to your business.

Remove the filter and hear it in your customers own words

Too often staff will only provide you with half the story, are hesitant to volunteer information during team meetings, are bias with incident feedback, or they just don’t understand the importance of different client facing situations.

Call Recording can offer a number of benefits to business, key returns on investment(ROI) arguments include:

  • Quality control: Improve employee performance & customer satisfaction
  • Marketing data: learn about your customers & their response to marketing campaigns
  • Training: Coach your employees with examples of high & low quality calls
  • Liability: Resolve disputes & protect your business with recorded evidence
  • Security: Detect or deter security breaches & inappropriate calls

From sampling calls in real-time and assessing the impact that sales scripts and supporting screen information has at each stage of the sales process, some customers have seen systems pay for themselves in less than 12 months.

At Key Technologies we have a Call Recording solution for you – Whether it is for quality control or security purposes, your recording requirements can be addressed…

Call Recording Features Include…

  • Real-time live call monitoring Easy search/playback
  • Unlimited Remote access program, web browser, or over the phone
  • Automatic or on demand recording
  • Email recordings as WAV files
  • Quality control score or grade agent performance
  • Date/time stamp
  • Capture extension, agent, time, caller id, dialled numbers, duration & more
  • Manual notes can be added during livecall monitoring or when a call completes
  • Call reports: wide range of telephony reports
  • Play recordings from reports via speaker icons
  • Automatic archiving
  • 128bit encryption

Where to start?

We have implemented call recording for many of our Brisbane business clients, along with providing qualified marketing advise to ensure our clients businesses are growing.

Contact the Key Technologies team – 1300 755 615
If you are interested in maximising your business marketing efforts or to enquire about Call Recording

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