WannaCry Worm causing mayhem

How to stop WCry ransomware infecting your computers

THIS is what you should do when after you turn on your computer this morning to avoid the massive cyber attack.

15 May 2017

Aussies may have missed the worst of the worldwide cyber attack but small businesses are still at risk of being infected by the WCry ransomware. Here is what you should be doing:

  • Update your Microsoft Software before opening emails.
  • Be vigilant before clicking on links, check urls!
  • Update your anti-virus and security software

If you don’t open or click on to the infected sites then you won’t be impacted.

This type of ransom ware spreads via phishing, which spreads the virus through an email that appears to be from an individual or business that you know.

The virus also has a worm-like features that looks for other vulnerable systems once it’s embedded in your computer, which means it can spread to other computers in a network.

Australia looks to have missed the worst of the attack as it didn’t seem to have infected government agencies or critical infrastructure, people shouldn’t be complacent. The most vulnerable will be outdated pcs and software.

The ransom

Wcry is demanding a ransom of $300 to $600 in Bitcoin to be paid by May 15, or, in the event that deadline is missed, a higher fee by May 19. The messages left on the screen say files will remain encrypted. It’s not yet clear if there are flaws in the encryption scheme that might allow the victims to restore the files without paying the ransom.

People who have yet to install the Microsoft fix—MS17-010—should do so right away. People should also be extremely suspicious of all e-mails they receive, particularly those that ask the recipient to open attached documents or click on Web links.

Do not pay these criminals.

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