Why having a reliable business manage your domain names is important!

Domain StressRecently here at KeyComm we had a client call us in panic because they were no longer receiving emails to their domain’s email addresses. This is of course a huge problem for any business! Being the good guys that we are at KeyComm, we went to work to figure out what was wrong.

Very quickly we realised some of their MX Records had mysteriously changed. To clarify, MX Records are what your mail server uses. This should usually be an easy fix but today, it was not.
The client did not have access to their domain’s DNS settings, they used a small “IT/Web Company” that was run by a single individual. This is a reality for many small business owners, they have a “friend” or past colleague that runs a small side business helping people with websites and domain management. But often after a few years these people lose interest, move overseas and just shut up shop. This becomes a problem as often they use a domain/web hosting reseller who still needs to be paid.

In the case of this client, it was a small local Web Designer that ran a small business. The client’s domain was on a reseller account of a small web hosting business in Australia that got bought out by a bigger company. This caused the recovery effort to be quite difficult as the recovery email was set to the client’s domain email address!

As the client couldn’t access that email, the process for confirmation of domain ownership took 48-72 hours. This entire process collectively took over 8 hours of work to complete and confirm. Which was an expensive outlay for the client.
How could this have been prevented? Simple, ensure your domain is managed by a reputable multi-person local company that has been in business for several years that you can put your faith in not to disappear overnight.
What does DNS/Domain management offer you?

If your business uses VPN’s, RDP connections, Mail Exchange servers, and anything else that requires DNS changes to happen. It’s best if you’re not technically minded to have another company manage your DNS records for you. This will also include your domain renewals.
Pairing domain hosting with solid web hosting is always advised as it’ll allow for quicker and easier changes when required. Key Technologies also offers Web Hosting/Website management and development.
Key Technologies offers Domain Hosting and Management alongside our Web Hosting. We offer affordable pricing and remove any fear you may have over someone taking over your domain. Get in touch with us today if you’re serious about ensure your domain operates smoothly!

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