The Most Accessible Version Yet – Windows 11 Version 22H2

Windows 11 Version 22H2, will be the most inclusively designed version yet with the new Accessibility pane. The new Accessibility pane with the human icon was designed for users to easily find and use all the built-in accessibility features tailored for your device and unique needs. 

Vision Accessibility

Settings for all visual preferences. 

Windows 11 allows users to customise and personalise their viewing experience in great detail. 

  • Choose light or dark themes 
  • Adjust screen brightness and contrast without sacrificing aesthetics 
  • Zoom in on text 
  • Adjust the colour of the text and mouse cursor 
  • Customise your screen’s palette to experience a custom colour filters 
  • Make your PC speak with Narrator 

Hearing Accessibility

System-Wide Live Captions on Windows 11

New accessibility features, including system-wide live captions, are in the update to Windows 11, version 22H2, coming to Windows 11 users in the next few months.

This valuable feature is not only perfect for users with hearing difficulties but also can be used to generate subtitles in unsupported applications. Live Captions can be used to transcript audio files and translate inaudible sound. Individuals can customise visual settings on the captions to alter their text size, font, colour and background.

Live Captions process your voice data and other audio files locally, meaning your data is not shared with Microsoft servers and does not leave your device. You can read more about the System-wide Live Captions in Microsoft’s privacy statement here:

Microsoft Privacy Statement – Microsoft privacy


Physical disabilities make it difficult to operate a keyboard or mouse. Windows 11 has taken Accessibility to the next level enabling users to interact with their PC using a pen, voice and even with their eyes! Yes, a user will be able to control anything on the screen with a variety of eye-tracking enabled cameras and a simple-to-use launch pad (eye-tracking hardware sold separately).

Learning and Neurodiversity

Windows 11 has tools that enhance focus, attention, reading comprehension and more.

Microsoft Edge has an Immersive Reader to improve reading fluency, comprehension and focus. Adjust text spacing, remove visual clutter, or zoom in on a few lines of text at a time.

These great features are only a few of the changes you will find in the Windows 11 update (Version 22H2) which will be available to the public soon. Other features you will find are:

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