Discover everything your Microsoft account can do

 With this one account, you can take your settings, preferences and files you have backed up on OneDrive with you across all your devices – and not just Windows devices5. Plus, you’ll only need to remember one user ID and password for all your Microsoft services.

One account for all things Microsoft

Sign in to manage your info, your purchases, your devices, your security and privacy. It’s all tied together with your admin Microsoft account.

Getting around your device in Windows 10
Search with the taskbar or Cortana2 – The easiest way to search the web, search your device and access and share the files on OneDrive is through the Windows search box on your taskbar or by simply asking Cortana.
Get to your settings – Update your settings and personalise Windows 10 the way you want.

Open settings


Touch3 or type

Interact with your device in the way that’s most natural.

Meet Cortana

You now have your very own personal assistant. Cortana2 works across your day and your Windows 10 devices to help you get things done. By learning more about you over time, Cortana becomes more useful every day.

Just talk or type and Cortana will help you Open apps, send emails and play music.

Your Microsoft account unlocks all of these free services, and more.



1 Additional software and/or hardware requirements may apply over time for updates.
2 Cortana available in selected markets at launch; Cortana experience may vary by region and device. Some Cortana functionality requires Internet connection.
To use Cortana, your device must have the latest updates for Windows 10. To ensure that your device has the latest updates installed, go to your Start menu and type “Windows Update”, then click on Windows Update and follow the instructions.
3 Hardware dependent.
4 Chat available in selected markets. Free up-and-running phone and chat support available 24/7 in English only; available in most other languages during extended working hours. Fees apply for one-on-one technical support in China.
5 Requires Internet connection to sync.

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