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Apps? Android and iOS devices have five or six times as many apps available in their respective storefronts. Microsoft is confident Windows 10’s universal apps will help plug the holes in its mobile offering.

Thanks to the shared codebase, developers can truly create apps that run on desktops, tablets, and smartphones.

“We have one common operating system for all the device types that we are making. Our strategic belief is, if we have a big audience of people, then developers will put apps in that store because there will be demand,” said Microsoft executive Joe Belfiore in an interview with The Verge. Microsoft is not being shy about its ambitions. It firmly believes Windows 10 will surpass 1 billion installs worldwide.

Smartphones will help it do that.

Microsoft Lumia

The Microsoft Lumia 640 XL allows you to access everything you need right from your phone. It runs on the Windows Phone operating system so you can use all of your favourite Windows programs like Skype, Office and OneNote to get your work done on the go. Plus, you can also use your Lumia 640XL for play with the 13 MP camera, large 5.7 inch HD display and access to all of your favourite apps from the Microsoft Store.

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