What is a PABX?


A PABX (Private Automatic Branch eXchange) is a system used by call centres and other businesses to allow a single phone number to have several lines out for employees to simultaneously call out. They also allow multiple external lines in for customers and others outside the business to call staff. PABXs do all the necessary switching for people to make calls to other extensions within the business and allow connections between extensions and external phone lines (such that staff and customers can reach a particular staff member’s phone).


PABXs are generally owned and managed by the private organization in which it is installed, relying on a computer server to handle switching/directing the calls. Hence the words Private and Automatic.

Difference between PABX and VoIP

The difference between PABXs and VoIP systems is how they connect users. A PABX is a small telephone network using standard telephony protocols for calls in and out. Typically the setup involves a computer server, manual control board and multiple lines connecting to the public line. The lines connect to an internal switching system that routes calls to an individual phone lines throughout the company. VoIP is considerably less complex, requiring only an internet connection and a computer or IP phone.

How can I get one?

Simple, to determine your needs and discuss ifficient and effective options for your business including PABXs, VoIP systems, and nbnTM compatible phone systems, contact us here or use the button below!

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