Small Business Focus: Eg.Design

Starting in 2020 and finishing up this year, we embarked on a rebrand, turning Key Communications into KeyTech.

We had some help, with a few companies bringing our new name and logo into the real world. Here’s a little about, a Sunshine Coast design & print small business. They printed and installed our office signage, and did a good job of it too.

We’re hoping to feature more of the great business we work with, and our great customers, so we reached out to Nelly and asked her a bit about her and Clayton’s experience running Eg over the years.

(Photo: Ben, Ben and Clayton)

How long have you been in business

15 years?

What were you doing before that, and what prompted the change?

We were both in the motor industry, I was selling motorcycle accessories, studying spare parts interpretation and also studying graphic design. Clayton was selling cars.

What kind of growth have you seen over that time?

Particularly recently, we’ve seen a lot of businesses with a need to change tract and create new business models to keep their business working through Covid, which in turn has brought us work with re-branding & new business start up.

What have been the major challenges you’ve faced?

A major challenge in our industry is that most jobs are so different from one another.

There’s the graphic design side where the style that you need to create varies so much from business to business and where you need to be creative on demand.

It’s especially true with signage: the methods we use to create then install them just varies so much. So having a system in place, let alone set pricing, is mostly not possible. Every job needs to be individually carefully quoted which is very time consuming also. The amount of work we need to put in to even quote a job is huge.

Work flow is also tricky because it can’t be regulated. When it’s on its on!

What have been your major wins?

A major win for us is how we started this little business and it has grown to what it has by mainly word of mouth. We take a lot of pride in our work and are proud of what we’ve made it.

What, to you, is the best thing about running a business?

It Keeps us busy and we chose our own career path, it’s a very creative industry and we thoroughly enjoy it (95% of the time!!)! We do work full time but we still get to choose our own hours – did someone say ‘early Friday knock-off beers?’ haha!

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