Our favourite local Brisbane Business that you need to visit 

If you’re on the hunt for something unique and special in Brisbane, look no further! Forget visiting or buying in the same places all the time and discover a special local business in Brisbane.  

We love and support local businesses and we want you to feel inspired by their amazing work. Keep scrolling and don’t miss these special places and help support Brisbane and surrounding businesses and brands!  

Treat your body and soul  

Unplugged Yoga Studio in the beautiful neighbourhood of Paddington has a simple mantra for their students: “Be yourself and just have fun!”. If you love yoga or are just starting out, then this is your place. They have a magical studio with lots of light and are specially designed so that your yoga classes are extraordinary. 

You will not only find a place to meditate and improve the flexibility of your body, but also a happy and vibrant community. 

Is there anything better than a cold beer? 

If you are a fan of quality, craft beers and want to support a local Australian product, then you must visit Milton Common. In its industrial design premises with a Berlin atmosphere, you will feel at home. Whatever the reason for celebration, any excuse is good to have a good beer accompanied by quality food. 

The perfect gift 

Brissy-based, Blushing Confetti offers you a wide variety of possibilities for gifts or a treat for yourself. From picnic accessories, to all kinds of fashion accessories and beautiful designs for your home or office. 

A different experience 

Looking for a different experience. Relax while little fishes nibble and exfoliate the skin on your feet. Without a doubt, a relaxing and fun experience with Barefoot Fish. The ideal thing about this activity is that you can do it alone or you can have a fun time with your friends. Do you dare? 

Connection with your body and mind 

The Wellness Reserve is an individual journey that will connect your body with your mind. The pillars of this small nutritional and fitness consulting business are based on connection and mindset. They will present you with an easy and intuitive guide that will allow you to build a healthy routine. 

Dolce Vita  

If you are a fan of Italian cuisine like us, you cannot miss The Rustic Olive. Delicious dishes of the best of the Mediterranean diet and with incredible views that will make everything even more exquisite. If you go to dinner there, do not forget to order their delicious tiramisu. 

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