The Top 3 Misconceptions About NBN Migration

In business, you can’t afford to stand still. That’s why it’s important to stay informed about the rollout of the NBN network and how it may affect your business.

Over time, Telstra is required to stop providing copper network services. As part of this, they are progressively disconnecting those more advanced or complex copper-based services (known as “Special Services”), to be replaced with new NBN product capabilities. You can read their migration plan on the ACCC website.

There are some misconceptions you may have about how these services will cease and how the NBN rollout will begin.

Myth 1

Surely Telstra and the NBN won’t disconnect the service I am still using.

Unfortunately, Telstra doesn’t have a choice in this situation, as they are legally required to disconnect copper services, including voice services (ISDN, CustomNet), and data services (Frame Relay, Ethernet-Lite, Megalink, DDS Fastway). Some of the technologies are over 25 years old – older than dial-up modem technology, which has been surpassed by Broadband technology for over 10 years.

Myth 2

I don’t have to migrate my copper special services until the disconnection date.

The disconnection dates for Special Services are non-negotiable. There will be large volumes to migrate and the earlier you migrate, the lower the risk of any migration issues, hence Telstra highly encourages all their customers to start their migration journey early. Telstra wants their customers to avoid any last-minute rush to connect.

Myth 3

The NBN has a history of changing their dates and it’s likely that their dates will be pushed out, so maybe we don’t need to act now?

While there have been changes to the rollout of the NBN to this point, Telstra definitely doesn’t want to put any of their customers’ services at risk by suggesting that they should delay migration. Therefore, Telstra strongly encourage you to migrate early.

What does this mean for my business?

Well, you may be impacted if your business uses any of the following Special Services:

  • Ethernet Lite
  • Frame Relay, Megalink, and DDS Fastway
  • ISDN
  • CustomNet

Ethernet Lite

Telstra are required to disconnect the copper network that is currently used to deliver these services, on a region by region basis, in alignment with the NBN rollout.

Frame Relay, Megalink, DDS Fastway, and ISDN

Telstra has decided to exit these services across all of Australia by 2022. Before this time, they expect that the underlying technologies and platforms that support these services would have ceased being supported by the relevant vendors, meaning Telstra would no longer be able to provision and maintain the services to satisfactory levels.


Telstra have decided to exit these services across all of Australia on 31 January 2020, however, based on the progress of the NBN rollout, they are required to disconnect the copper network that is currently used to deliver the Affected Services on a region by region basis from 29 April 2019.

Not sure when you’re going to be disconnected?

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