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Music is part of your businesses’ culture. From the light, the colours, to the furniture… everything is part of your identity. That is why it is so important that the music you choose also fits with how you want to be perceived.

Can music help you increase your sales? Does music help improve worker productivity? Will your team be happier at work? Many studies have shown that the answer to these questions is always yes. Choose the right music, create a great work culture, and move the bottom line. 

How to incorporate music into my business? 

There are many ways you can incorporate music into your business. On the one hand, there is the office environment, and on the other, there is music as part of your brand and marketing. Let’s start with the music in your office environment.

4 keys to improving your work environment with music 

Play it loud 

Invest in good speakers. Having good sound equipment will help you improve the musical experience in your office. Place these speakers in areas of your office that allow the music to fill the room. Maybe you won’t be able to play music all day. So, choose some key timeframes to set the pace of your office. Maybe during lunchtime or when customer calls die off, after meetings, etc. 

Get everyone involved 

Get your employees to participate in curating the office vibe.  Create a suggestion email or an open Spotify account where they can add their favourites. You can use music as a tool to create synergies between your employees. Create different playlists with different moods such as “It’s Friday Already” or ” It’s Mondays Again” … Be creative. 

Custom lists 

What better way to meet someone than through their musical tastes? You can incentivize your workers to create their own custom lists with songs that are important to them or best define them. You can use this list on your website as a fun and original way to introduce your workers. We’re working on that just now, so keep an eye on our Team page. 

Music that increases sales 

Music is everything in a business environment. In fact, it has been shown that 40% of clients spend more time in a business if they like the music selection. Music has an incredible impact on perception and mood. 

How can you use music to increase your sales? We go back to the beginning of everything: define your customers. At KeyTech we have a post completely dedicated to finding the voice of your business. After this practical exercise, you will have a much clearer vision of who your clients are and what music they might like

Music in your public-facing spaces 

The big brands work a lot on their musical threads. In fact, fashion and beauty brands like H&M, Hollister, or Sephora even organize special live music or DJs. Your music will say something about your market. Sometimes it’s obvious. For example, if you have a Mexican restaurant, you can accompany your playlist with popular Mexican music. And if, for example, you have a surfboard shop, you can immerse your customers with the best songs from The Beach Boys. But if you’re an ITC managed services business like us, you’ll have to put a bit more thought into it. We suspect many of our customers are partial to 80s and 90s rock.  

Studies affirm that having good background music makes 30% of customers want to return. By the same token, 97% of retail managers agree on music increases sales. So, it’s up to you to hit the nail on the head with the right songs for your customers. 

What music can I use to avoid copyright problems? 

Using streaming programs like Spotify, iTunes, YouTube, radio or TV will mean that you will have to pay an expensive monthly fee to the PRO’s (Performance Rights Organization). Luckily, there are much cheaper alternatives. Here we give you some of the options: 

  • Soundtrack your brand: music streaming service, licensed for commercial and public spaces. You can try it for one month for free and cancel at any time.
  • Soundsuit: easy to use and with clients like Audi or IQOS. It includes a great variety of songs and does not require any permanence either.
  • Heartbeats International: designed for big brands. It is a bit more expensive than its competitors. What is interesting about this Platform is that they offer you a musical strategy. With questions of who you are, how, where, and how to communicate through music. 
  • Sound Machine: they offer you a very useful musical selection. They also offer you a free trial month.

As we saw at the beginning of this post, music plays an important -if not essential- role in your business or store and it’s worth choosing the best option for it. We have already done our homework, so here is our selection. Enjoy the songs that we have all chosen as the funniest to cheer you up on a hard day at work. 


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