Moving Office Checklist: Network Setup

Moving Office Checklist: Network Setup

Moving Office Checklist: Network Setup

Network setup made easy with KeyComm

As anyone who has done it before will tell you… Don’t leave setting up your new office networks too late! While it can be a pain if you leave it until the last minute. If you leave plenty of time, Key Technologies can make it a very straightforward process. For some other helpful resources be sure to check out our checklist for managing phone systems during the move and the very helpful office relocation checklist from Kisi.

Things to consider to make a move as cheap and easy as possible

The following has more ability to help you out if you have yet to choose a new location. That being said it is also helpful and important to consider these Things if you have a new location already.

Does the new location have data outlets (e.g. ethernet, etc.) installed?

If the new place doesn’t have outlets for your internet and phone lines that may mean a small additional cost or a major one depending on how the building is set up. Specifically you need to consider the distance from the desks to the comms cabinet location (speak to KeyTech if you would like more guidance on this).

Does the new location need a comms cabinet installed?

If you’re anything more than a small home office, the answer to that question would be yes. If you are a small enough organization, you could get by with a 6 ethernet wall socket and a switch. Talk to Key Technologies to work out what solution is good for you. Larger companies however will require a comms cabinet to function effectively.You may also want to consider the size of cabinet you’ll need. Again, if you’re wondering how to work this out, just get in touch with Key Technologies.

Is there internet connection availability? Check whether business grade internet services are available at the new location?

Moving to a new location without knowing what Internet Service Providers cater to there can put wou in a difficult position. In the worst cases you may need to use a 4g dongle for your connection making data a very expensive commodity. Obviously this is something you should avoid so we suggest firstly checking the
nbn map. Some other helpful steps to take in order to keep you out of hot water are to go door knocking around the location you’re looking at to see what service providers your potential neighbours use, or as with the other steps you can just call Key Technologies to sort it out for you. You may also find the Bigpond availablity checker useful depending on what stage of the move you’re in Click here to check your availability.
You may want to consider a 4G backup solution for business conginuity, again this is something you can talk to Key Technologies about.

What’s the best way to set up a network at our new location?

This can be a bit of a tricky question, and it depends on your location, office layout, priorities connection-wise and myriad other factors. Luckily all this can be sorted out with a quick phone call to Key Technologies, see below for options on how to contact us!

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