Improve your local SEO with a .AU domain 

In the competitive world of business, it is essential to have a website and online presence. Due to the many competing websites online, it is important to have an SEO strategy. The best place to start is with local SEO on your website and domain. This post explains how your domain can optimise your local SEO. 

What is Local SEO? How does it work? 

Every time a search is performed on the internet, the browser uses many patterns and algorithms to generate the search results and rank them in order of relevancy. Many factors determine if a website is relevant to a search, one factor is proximity, which factors in location. This happens even when the search doesn’t include “near me” in the search phrase. 

Local SEO is very important for businesses with a physical location or those who are serving a geographic area. 

Using a .AU domain will make your website among the top pick for local searches about your business, product or service. 

What is special about the .AU domain? 

.AU is the internet country code top-level domain for Australia. .AU domains are a digital asset to an Australian business, as they help people find your business online and signal to your website visitors (and those who you email) that you have a connection to Australia. 

Who can get a .AU Domain? 

Direct .AU domains were released on the 24th of March 2022. The domains are exclusive to people and organisations who have a verified connection with Australia. A full list of the strict requirements are on the auDA website: About .au direct domain names | auDA 

A Priority Allocation Process is in place until September to enable anyone with existing namespace domains (,,,,, and the opportunity to exactly match their domain names with the new .AU. 

What are the benefits of having a .AU domain?

Show you are a “dinky-di” Aussie. 

By having a .AU domain, internet users will recognise your .AU domain as local and trusted. You will be improving your local SEO! Australians who support local businesses will shop and support and shop with you.  

.AU is trusted, reliable, secure & validated 

People and organisations can register a .AU domain provided they meet the criteria in the .AU licensing rules. 

.AU is short and simple 

Removing the .COM or .NET to make your domain shorter and more direct. A direct .AU domain will rank higher than other (.NET.AU or .COM.AU) domains in search results. 

Where can I get a .AU domain? 

We are a domain name reseller! Contact us to get your direct .AU domain today. 

Where can I get help with Local SEO? 

A good Local SEO strategy will help your business be more visible in local search results. Subscribe for free marketing & SEO tips. 

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