Facebook goes Meta

It has been 17 years since Facebook was created. Since then, the company has been evolving and completely changing the way we interact in the virtual world. A week ago, that evolution jumped a step further with the introduction of Meta.

What is Meta?

Meta is the new name of the Facebook group. It’s Mark Zuckerberg’s vision of the future, something of a tech-utopia. In this vision, people connect, play, and get things done in a virtual universe. Zuckerberg is convinced that Meta will be the next Internet revolution.

What’s changing at Facebook?

The change is not only in the name. Zuckerberg has also restructured his company. Half will be focused on business relationships with social networks and the other half will be organised through Reality Labs and will be totally dedicated to improving the virtual reality experience. This second unit had an injection of 10 billion dollars in 2022 and a doubling of its workforce to 20,000 engineers.

The idea is that this new universe keeps us connected most of the time. Meta is already working on all types of virtual realities that involve entertainment, gaming, fitness, work, education, and commerce.

How does Meta affect your safety?

The evolution from Facebook to Meta is undoubtedly a huge landmark in their journey to build an enriched online world. But can we be safe in this virtual world? How will it make money? Facebook has a bad reputation regarding the abusive use of private data and the sale of personal information.

In fact, the rumours state that the name change to Meta is mostly a PR strategy. The new Meta has assured us that data protection and virtual security will always be present in this new world. However, it has not specified what these rules will be and how identities will be protected and cyberbullying controlled.

What benefits could Meta offer your business?

The “all-encompassing platform” was designed to be a place where users could “spend their entire digital lives.” Meta is much more than advancement in virtual reality, it will be a new world. And if people exist there, businesses will want to as well. Something to think about down the line – but maybe not just yet. How soon though, we can’t tell, and as they say, early birds win the worm.

While other companies like Apple focus their forces on creating virtual reality devices, Meta goes further and focuses on emotions and experiences. If Zuckerberg’s ambitious plan is successful, his profits will not only increase, but a new opportunity will open for the sale of virtual purchases.

Meta proposes supporting an alternative digital economy. Users will be able to buy digital items such as clothing, art, etc., and be able to take them with them to that virtual world. Cryptocurrencies and NFTs would inevitably play a role in this shared world, Zuckerberg confirmed.

Expect virtual goods to be a big part of Meta’s metaverse.

The great challenge of the company will be to convince the “non-gamer” user of the value of their social experiences in Meta, outside of gaming. The key to its success will also base on persuading marketers to invest in virtual advertising.

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