VPN for an Integrated Business

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a virtual version of a physical network—a web of computers linked together to share files and other resources. A VPN connects to the outside world using the Internet, joining remote sites and users together on the same network. Connections are do so via encrypted tunnels serving secure internet access in addition to corporate assets to computers, devices, and other networks that are connected.

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Connecting to a VPN is usually done by launching a VPN client on your device (or via a link on a special website), logging in with your user details, your device exchanges trusted keys with a server. Once both device and server have verified each other as authentic, all of your data and communications are encrypted and secured.

Is Securing Company Data Important?
For remote and travelling staff, connecting to an encrypted VPN while you’re on a public or un-trusted network—such as a Wi-Fi hotspot in a hotel or coffee shop—is a smart, simple security practice. VPNs encrypt Internet traffic, making it very difficult for data thieves spying on your browsing via Wi-Fi to capture sensitive data (passwords, documents, banking details etc…).

Are Virtual Private Networks just a way for connecting remote employees to servers securely?

Yes,  and VPNs are also a way for businesses to deliver company resources and assets to employees securely.
The huge benefit for business is that services delivered via the internet can be plugged into you VPN and deliver a consistent and integrated service to networked users (in the office or remotely) – Services include IP Communications, Business Apps, Cloud Storage, Video Conferencing, Intranet… Basically anything served online.

In addition, greater degrees of control are provided to the business – Including security, access and permissions, device management, back-ups, performance reporting. This can all be centrally controlled and accessed in the office or remotely.

VPN Cost benefits for business

VPNs aren’t suited to every business model, some businesses just don’t have the need for an integrated business environment, but I suspect you wouldn’t be reading this article if that was the case.

For business the quantifiable cost benefits of migrating to a VPN are…

Reduced support costs

maintaining servers tends to be at a lower cost than other approaches because the required support can be outsource to professional third-party service providers, delivering a lower costs structure through economies of scale through servicing many business clients.

Reducing phone charges

Because VOIP is delivered via the internet, VOIP and full IP communications can be delivered to all devices with network access, this includes mobile phones, tablets, laptops, desktops and even your desktop phones. Full IP phone benefits can be viewed here

Network Scalability

Costs of building a dedicated private network may be reasonable at first but will increase exponentially as an organization grows, Internet based VPNs avoid this scalability problem by simply tapping into the public infrastructure and network capability readily available. Especially for remote and international locations, an Internet VPN delivers superior reach and quality of service.

Sharing of Networked Resources

Networks are particularly useful for connecting multiple networks together securely enabling businesses big and small to company resources across multiple offices, stores and staff across the globe.

Considerations before implementing a VPN for Business

1. VPNs require a detailed understanding of network security issues, careful installation and configuration to ensure sufficient protection is provided on a public network connection.

2. The reliability and performance of an Internet-based VPN is not under an organization’s direct control. Instead, the solution relies on the quality and performance on your internet service provider.

3. VPN solutions from different vendors can have compatibility issues, attempting to mix and match equipment may cause technical problems, what may seem like a cost effective option initially may cost more in the long run.

Tap into the competitive advantages of Private Networks for fast data transfer between sites, improved security, plus easy integration of true IP Telephony, Video Conferencing and Cloud Services.

What does it mean for your business: The difference is comparable to your staff commuting in peak hour traffic vs. your staff driving in a fast lane dedicated to your company.

Faster Data Transfer – Reliable, Secure Infrastructure – A Private Network Dedicated to Your Company Data Traffic

Where to start?

Talking to the professional team at Key Technologies will ensure a cohesive approach, combining I.T. with Communications experience to deliver a truly integrated solution for your business.

Contact the Key Technologies team – 1300 755 615
If you are interested in a truely integrated business

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