Private Networks for Brisbane Business

Tap into the competitive advantages of Private Networks for fast data transfer between sites, improved security, plus easy integration of true IP Telephony, Video Conferencing and Cloud Services.
What does it mean for your business: The difference is comparable to your staff commuting in peak hour traffic vs. your staff driving in a fast lane dedicated to your company.

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Faster Data Transfer – Reliable, Secure Infrastructure – A Private Network Dedicated to Your Company Data Traffic
Private Networks benefit business teams by:
  • Keeping field staff and branch offices connected to head office directly
  • Standardise and share applications across your business network (not the internet)
  • Manage remote staff and business assets
  • Improve company productivity, efficiency and customer service
Private Networks benefit company security and performance policies by:
  • Controlling accessibility and security from a central point
  • Incorporating WAN Networks for secure and direct mobile access over 3G and 4G networks
  • Complete control of network data traffic requirements and Quality of Service

A dedicated private network provides Staff with access to company applications, internet, video conferencing and collaboration tools while delivering your company information security (to ISO / IEC 27001 standards), enterprise level control (advanced device management and monitoring), accessing the same private network at head office, from a rural location, at home or on the move with Telstra’s Next G network.

Cloud services plug-in easily and securely to your private network for flexibility functionality and scale

All network services are managed and bundled into a simple payment plan – on your Telstra bill.

Looking for a advice on implementing a private network to your business?

Contact the Key Technologies team – 1300 755 615
Your business performance network – We manage the technology so you can take your business to the next level.


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