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Global Internet Of Everything Market To Reach $23.97 Trillion By 2020

Here are some big numbers to think about! One of the hottest markets on the planet is the Internet of Everything (IoE) that is termed as being the next level of Internet of things.

While the latter has been in the news everywhere, researchers are already shifting their focus to IoE, which is basically the combination of person to person (P2P), machine to machine (M2M) and person to machine (P2M) connections.

mobile data sharingThis is nerdy stuff, but how does it impact our lives?

IoE technology allows smart devices to intelligently communicate with each other over the Internet, collect, analyze and process the data without requiring the involvement of people, and delivering information to users on demand.

IoE market is still in its infancy, there are signs of skyrocketing demand and rapid growth in this highly important field, thinking of target marketing, data and reach.

Fueled by interest not just from consumer and enterprise sector, but government too.

The global IoE market is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 15.3% in five years, that being 2015 to 2020, with major companies like Microsoft, Apple, Google, Qualcomm and Cisco planning to create and bring to market their products and services to support this growth.

All preparing for the time when more than a billion devices connect to the Internet, and generate massive amounts of data in the process.

Interesting times, straight ahead! Is your website accessible on a phone? Do you think about this when you look at your marketing planning & projections?

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