Cloud Storage Cost Comparison

Cloud storage is a great way to tie together your desktop, laptop and mobile devices, delivering a common storage portal that can be accessed from all your connected devices. While each of the major cloud storage providers come with their own advantages and disadvantages, how you apply cloud storage will largely determine the right service provider for you… And of course price!

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Dropbox Cloud Storage


A very compatible cloud storage option, supporting Windows, Android, iOS, Mac and Linux and syncing with a load of business applications including Adobe and Microsoft Office

2 GB Free
Bonus Options = 500mb for each referral (up to 16 GB)

1 TB $10.99/month

Unlimited $17/month
(5 User Min.)

This is a business grade account the includes all the features of Dropbox with additional admin controls and support

Google Drive Cloud Storage


Recommended if working exclusively with Apple products.

Enables you to also share your iTunes, iBooks and App Store purchases with up to 6 family members.

5 GB Free

20 GB $1.29/month

200 GB $4.99/month

500 GB $12.99/month

1 TB $24.99/month

For business users, it is worth noting Apples compatibility issues…

Apple iCloud Cloud Storage

Google Drive

A robust cloud storage platform that allows you to store files up to 1TB each with any files you create with Docs, Sheets, or Slides exempt from your allocated Google Drive Storage.

15 GB Free

100 GB $1.99/month

1 TB $9.99/month

Prices are US Dollars. Google Apps also includes 1 TB of Drive storage along with additional productivity tools for $10.00/month

Microsoft OneDrive Cloud Storage


OneDrive for Business is part of the Microsoft Office 365 suite, delivering full integration. Pricing is extremely competitive and for less than the price of 1TB with Google, Microsoft will include Office 365.

15 GB Free
Bonus Options = Earn an extra 3 GB of storage when you back up your camera, and 500 MB for each referral (up to 5GB)

100 GB $2.00/month

200 GB $4.00/month

1 TB $6.71/month

BONUS 1TB Plan pricing includes the full Office 365 suite

Note: Pricing for Australian Services, unless noted and correct as of Feb 2015

Require flexible cloud storage options?

As far as plan flexibility goes, Apple iCloud and Microsoft OneDrive offer a range of data storage plans, with Apple iCloud offering the most logical progression of cloud storage cost options.

Require loads of cloud storage?

Both Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive offer the largest free storage plans, with Microsoft OneDrive proving the most cost effective for 1TB of data storage at $6.71 including Microsoft Office 365.

The Bottom Line

Often a business will require more than an ‘off the shelf’ solution, revisiting how you apply cloud storage in conjunction with a cloud business specialist can uncover a variety of different solutions that will consider features and budget…

Where to start?

Talking to the professional team at Key Technologies will ensure a cohesive approach, combining I.T. with Communications experience to deliver a truly integrated solution for your business.

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