Cloud Computing Costs vs. On-Premise Costs Infographic

Examine the long term impact of Cloud Computing Costs on your business in comparison to the cost of on-premise computing, this infographic helps explain…

Cloud Computing offers a host of productivity benefits to business, and has been leveraged by large corporations for a number of years. For small and medium businesses the barrier has always centered around cloud computing costs, in particular infrastructure requirements for business grade reliability.

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Increased fixed line data speeds and 4G mobile data speeds (5G  in future) have contributed to cloud computing #trending.

For business it always comes back to costs and there is much confusion about the long term cost benefits of switching to cloud computing; the following infographic helps to illustrate where the majority of costs come from for on-premise computing vs. cloud computing…

Cloud Computing Costs vs. On-Premise Costs – Infographic

cloud computing costs infographic

If you are looking to move your business to the cloud, and want to better understand the migration process – talk to us.

Don’t Stress
Moving your business to the cloud can be easy!

It doesn’t have to be All-or-Nothing > A Step-by-Step approach is recommended – Providing service redundancy, giving your business time to adjust and supporting staff up-take of new procedures.

Additional Benefits – As the burden of multiple services is removed from on-premise I.T. infrastructure, remaining services can become quicker and available capacity can be re-purposed.

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A Great Place To Start!
Office 365 is perfect for business…

office 365, your office your settings

We have broken costs down even further, comparing on-site Exchange servers and maintenance requirements against Office 365

The Costs Comparison

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