Starting a Small business startup in Brisbane? Here’s what you need.

Starting a Small business startup in Brisbane? Here’s what you need.

So you’ve got a business idea and you’re ready to go. This post is just for you, we’ve collected a list of B2B services specialized in helping small businesses get off the ground, and most importantly, that can scale with you as you grow.

You’re probably trying to work out what you need and what you don’t – we know your budget is tight. What we’re presenting here are the basics, but we’ll give options when we can to suit your particular startup. We’re a strong believer in bringing in good help where possible, so that we can focus on providing value where we do best, rather than trying to manage things we’re not specialized in. We urge you to do the same for the sake of your business. Ask for help! Many businesses – us included – will be happy to lend a word of advice even without a sale (it makes us feel smart).

Fair warning though – we recommend ourselves a few times in this post. That’s because we believe in what we do, of course. The only reason we exist is to provide value to small businesses in Brisbane and make sure they succeed while being easier to manage.

Ok, here we go!

Legal & Accounting

The first things you’ll need are legal advice and to take steps to register your business entity and also things for a trading name, trademarks, and to be ready to collect and pay tax. We’ve got two options for you here.

If you want to do things the old-fashioned way, talking to people over a desk, get in touch with Vault Group. They have a range of experience helping small businesses get up and running.

If you’re fine with pressing a few buttons to get things done, you can’t go past Lawpath. This is an all-in-one service that will not only guide you through what you need to do but do most of the legwork for you. That’s an affiliate link so we get a little something if you sign up, but we’ve been using this service for some of our simpler needs ourselves and can vouch for its value.

Once you’re set up, you’ll need and bookkeeping tool. We use Xero and we know it plays well with the other things we use which we’ll introduce below.


While you’re waiting for all that, and before you bother your neighbor’s kid for a website (that’s a joke, you’re not going to do that), you’ll need to think about your brand. Doing this is like spending time to make sure your rocket is not pointed at a nearby wall before lighting the fuse. Without a defined brand, everyone you work with will be going off their own gut feeling, and you’ll have to spend half your life correcting them.

Luckily we can help you, with our specially adapted delivery of the CORE Discovery framework. We’ve taken what works for larger companies and boiled it down to something achievable for small businesses. Hit us up!

Website & Marketing

Once you’ve got your brand you can go ahead and develop your website and marketing plan. These things are a lot easier now that you’ve got your visuals and messaging already worked out during the branding process. We have a great marketing team who would be thrilled to help you put your digital marketing plan together.

We love WordPress for small business websites unless you’re planning on running an eCommerce shop in which case we’d probably want to know how you will be shipping before we make a recommendation. Good options are Shopify, Squarespace, and Prestashop.

Signage & Printing are located on the Sunshine Coast but they always deliver the same prompt excellence to Brisbane customers as well. eg handle all our signage needs and can do the design in-house if you need.

If you’d like to try digital signage, check out our signage subsite. Digital signage is a great option when you need to capture that valuable foot traffic.

eg. design and their handiwork at KeyTech, Toowong

Business Phone System

Again, this is something we can help with. We’ll keep it short here, but you’ll need to think about what exactly you’ll need. Will you have people on hand to answer calls 24/7? How will you handle excess callers? We sell Telstra TIPT which is their cloud-hosted phone system solution, which works out to be a really cost-effective and easy phone system. The most simple use case is to have a single 1300 number going through your mobile phone. That can be scaled all the way up to a national call centre with an office in every state (and anything in between of course). And why not? Think big!

Workwear & Safety Gear

All Purpose Workwear & Safety are our go-to for our polo shirts, jackets, caps (even Covid masks when required). Tracey and her team are always a real pleasure to deal with. They have such a huge range and can get your logo onto anything at all. Just look how great Ben and Nat look(!)…


You can’t go past Microsoft’s 365 suite of productivity apps and collaboration tools. We’ve been using this, especially Teams, to transform our business, go paperless, and maintain continuity throughout Covid lockdowns. Talk to us about integrating Microsoft Teams Calling into your phone system. We help much business off the ground with M365, and if you have more than a few licenses to set up you might like our help.

M365 can be extended to support video conferencing and remote collaboration with Microsoft Teams Rooms, which might require some extra hardware if you want to support a boardroom table.

The Office suite of apps is all available through the web as well as desktop/mobile with 365. This means all you need to do is log in and you’re right at home, on any device. We’re big believers in running a business from the cloud – it’s really a necessity these days and can save you thousands upon thousands in hardware and maintenance costs over the years – not to mention the peace of mind it brings.

Just make sure you get Microsoft 365 backed up as most SaaS products like M365 don’t do this by default. We have the right tools to make sure these products stand up to scrutiny.


You’ll need a CRM. We’ve been using ConnectWise, which is an extremely powerful and extensible piece of software that handles everything including agreements and billing to support tickets, time and calendaring, and of course customer relationship management as well. Talk to us if you think you’re CRM need will go beyond the basic, especially if you’re going to have customers with varying types of purchases and agreements, and extra especially if you’re going to be offering support.

Otherwise, Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a good option because it will slip right into your 365 workflows, as well as possible integration with Telstra.

Computers and IT Support

How many computers will you need? Do you need laptops or will basic desktops do (desktops are generally cheaper for what you get, but you can’t lug them around)? Or even tablets? Another shameless plug: we’re a managed ICT services provider in Brisbane doing IT Support. We help businesses of all sizes with their computer, laptop, and mobile needs, and make sure all devices are well-protected against cybercrime threats. We do everything from provisioning, installation to maintenance and upgrades. Talk to us and let us take care of all that, so you focus on what really matters- your customers and staff (oh, not to mention having time for your family).

This is really our bread and butter and we have a huge range of IT Support and Management in our KeyCloud Suite of services. We’ll only suggest the ones you really need though!


On the chance, you need to build something, large or small, get in touch with CamPak. They’re right around the corner from us so we know they’re good people!

Last but not least…


Running a business is hard going but you’re not alone in it. Most of what you want to do has already been done and you can save a lot of time and money by learning from others. What’s more, most small business people are happy to share their lessons.

Join the Love Local Brisbane community on Linked In. We started this group specifically to share our knowledge and experience with you, no strings attached, so hit us up with anything you’re not sure about (we mean it). I’m sure you’ll be helping the next brave venturers in no time.

All the best with your new venture. Keep at it, but treat yourself kindly. You’re in it for the long run.

Why migrate to office 365

Why migrate to office 365

Office 365

Five Reasons to Migrate to Office 365

Office 365 has gained quite a lot of popularity of late, with small and large businesses coming to know the benefits of using a cloud based platform to drive simplified collaborative work at a straightforward cost.

A trend that started in fortune 500 companies is now being picked up by smaller startups and has now been adopted by approximately 80% fortune 500s. This is because a cloud based, constantly evolving software suite is well placed to meet most companies unique and ever changing needs.

Office 365 migrations offer myriad business advantages

For any business, an Office 365 migration is a momentous occasion. Not only will your IT staff breathe a sigh of relief, but your business will reap the benefits of new tools, rolling no-stress updates, and bolstered productivity with routines and workflows. In sum, productivity and effectiveness will skyrocket.

Although the most commonly cited benefit of migrating to Office 365 is the substantial cost reductions, the advantages go far beyond that. Case and point, here are 5 reasons below!

1) Certainty in costs

No nasty surprises for your carefully planned budget. What you see is what you get.

With a fixed rate, subscription plans for Office 365 allow certainty in software expenses that is otherwise hard to come by. This is incredibly important when planning your budget and business operations expenses. On a related note, Microsoft manages Office 365 upgrades and additional functions, so you needn’t worry about expensive migration projects that were once the norm for an enterprise level microsoft customer.

Fortunately, once all is said and done you can compare the respective prices of Office 365 and your current software suite by analysing your past spendings on microsoft products and management. From this you can easily compare what the flat rate would be for Office 365 over that period. Disclaimer, you may be annoyed you didn’t migrate sooner.

2) Synchonise business operations and collaboration across locations

In today’s global economy and interconnected world, it is becoming more and more common place for employees, contractors and others to work together from different locations. Without an appropriate cloud based software suite, businesses in such positions are left with the options of expanding their current on the premises IT infrastructure of build additional data centers in order to support collaborative work between additional locations. Globalisation can certainly entail some headaches for IT professionals.

Enter, Office 365…

Scaling your business up or down over multiple locations becomes a simple matter with a cloud based software suite. According to your requirements, you can adjust the number of licenses you need for Office 365 without the logistical issues usually associated with such expansion.

3) Improve inter- and intra-organisational communication

Not only can physical separation cause headaches for traditional on the premises software suites, inter-departmental and project separation can severely affect the cohesiveness and efficiency of strategic business unit operations. Sadly, separation between departments and strategic business units can often diminish communication which in-turn makes overall business objectives less likely to be achieved.

Such worries are a figment of the past with Office 365’s collaboration and communication functionalities. The suite features such as Exchange Online, Yammer, Office Groups, SharePoint Online, Skype for Business, OneDrive for Business and more! You can utilise that to streamline communication and cultivate collaboration, whereby staff can seamlessly share ideas and files between departments, projects, devices and locations.

4) Boost productivity

All the previous benefits add up to one very important objective. That is, to stramline business operations and make every second of work more productive! But Office 365 isn’t just about helping you get stuff done faster. It’s purpose is to reinvent how you do it!

In a globally interconnected world where productivity is key. It is imperative to have your familiar offoce applications on a range of devices that you can have, wherever you are. Whether you catch up with work whilst waiting for a friend, work on a project with a coffee catch-up with a colleague, use your morning commute or a conference call with a client for maximum efficiency, Office 365 will help you make it happen.

5) Supercharge IT operations

If you work in IT then you’ll probably know the pain involved in expanding and maintaining an on the premises Office suite. The layers upon layers of technical requirements, unmet dependencies, and other moving parts, there’s a whole lot of opportunities for things to go wrong. Implementing one update can trigger a domino effect of linked upgrades and incompatibilities occur. Migrating to Office 365 takes the stress out of keeping software up to date, and speeds up IT operations. Leaving Microsoft Office configuration to Microsoft means you can turn your attention to other important tasks that you may need to do.

And wait for Office 365 to be set up

So call KeyTech today, and wait for all this to be set up!

For help with outlook setup, click here: IT support Brisbane

ISDN cut-off date: there’s time

ISDN cut-off date: there’s time

ISDN nearing End of LifeThere’s time to change over

As part of the NBN rollout, soon copper network services will be discontinued by Telstra.

This will happen in stages, giving business time to adjust to the changes.If there are any changes in the NBN rollout schedule, the dates may vary where Cease of Services are applicable.

Type of affected serviceCease of Sale Date for existing servicesDisconnection of service/s. Please refer to the following notes.
Affected Services Type 1:
ISDN, ISDN10/20/30, Frame Relay: including ISDN2 Enhanced, ISDN Dual Node, ISDN Diverse access, ISDN Backup, Argent (including Argent Dedicated, Argent Connect, Argent TAS, Argent Dail), Business IP Frame Relay, Connect IP Frame Relay and Frame Relay used to connect into IPCOIN.
30 June 2018
(Configuration, software and record changes only)
  • For areas that have rollout region Disconnection Date (DD) that falls on or before 30 September 2019, the DD will be 30 September 2019
  • For areas that have a rollout region DD that falls after 30 September 2019, the DD will be as per the rollout region disconnection timetable.

Telstra will communicate these final exit dates and any other information closer to the date. All Geographic regions will be taken off Affected services type 1 by 2022.

What you need to do

As your trusted partner, we’re here to help you make a transition to available alternative solutions.

To make your migration easier, let us do an audit of your services, assess how your business will be affected and we can discuss your migration options.

Once the NBN network becomes available in your area, you’ll need to transfer your services.

Need more information?

If you need us to look at your services and suggest the best option for you post NBN, please call our sales team on 1300 755 615.

See also

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Telstra Internet Direct

Telstra Internet Direct


Internet access you can rely on Telstra Internet Direct is a secure, high-performance internet service with exceptional availability and scalability. It is designed to support business-critical operations and provide a consistent, quality experience for your staff and customers.

With Telstra Internet Direct, you have a dedicated, carrier-grade link to one of the largest internet backbones in Australia – providing greater national coverage – as well as the global internet. We offer more Points of Presence in Australia than other providers, plus more than 900 Points of Presence world-wide for ease and speed of access.

Our high capacity network has full redundancy and inbuilt security, backed by proactive monitoring and management. You also have the assurance of 24/7 helpdesk support, while an online portal lets you view, troubleshoot and manage your service. Telstra Internet Direct gives you the flexibility to choose from a wide range of carriage types, speeds, usage and pricing, the option of IPv6 addressing, as well as a range of additional services.


An individual, secure, uncontested carrier-grade connection to the internetHelps you avoid congestion and configuration issues
Direct access to one of Australia’s largest internet backbones through more than 88 Points of Presence locally. All capital city access points are connected with minimum 10 Gbps links
to the core network with a maximum of only two hops
Ease of access to your business across all Australian capital cities and many regional areas with faster speeds
Dedicated internet infrastructure in over 15 countries and more than 900 Points of Presence globally through our partnersMinimised hops internationally for better performance
High levels of clear bandwidth capacity over optical fibreHelps to reduce latency and packet loss during data transit
Built in security measures at multiple layers and devicesHelps keep your communications and online transactions safe and private
24/7 monitoring and management of our network plus full redundancyHigh levels of availability to support your operations
Technical helpdesk, plus a dedicated online helpdeskHelps to ensure any issues are resolved quickly
A wide choice of data access methods including ADSL, Ethernet Lite, IP Gateway, E-Line, Optic Wave™ and Ethernet MAN (with the exception of satellite and cable)Flexibility to have the access type that suits different site requirements
A wide range of speeds from 512kbps with Ethernet Lite to 1Gbps with Ethernet MAN and 10Gbps with E-Line and Optic Wave™Choose the speed that matches your business needs at each site
A choice of pricing plansEnables you to combine economy with performance.
For Unlimited Plan Users: have greater flexibility through on-demand bandwidth features and your routers will have an enhanced feature for allocating bandwidth to your users.
For ‘Limited’ Plans Users: gain greater flexibility from shared bandwidth allowances.
CustData online portal – a secure portal accessible by most web browsers with easy navigation lets you:

  1. check monthly usage reports
  2. manage usage threshold alerts
  3. configure services eg routing
  4. test services
  5. log faults
  6. use performance reporting tools
  7. manage contact details
View and manage your service performance, plan network capacity and budget requirements
Network Visibility online toolAllows you to assess your network path and routing information, and self-diagnose network issues without needing to contact us.
Static IP addressingEnables you to host your own content – additional IP addresses are available on request
Option of IPv6 addressing across Ethernet MAN, Ethernet Lite, or Ethernet LineFuture-ready – use the new addressing protocol when you need to
Optional services – Telstra Internet Direct
can integrate with compatible Telstra services, such as Security Services, Cloud Services (through Co-location), and equipment via Managed Data Networks
Combine extra services to suit your business and have the simplicity of one contact point


Things you need to know

To connect to Telstra Internet Direct, you must have a Telstra carriage service. The range of connecting carriage services that support Internet Direct include ADSL (Multi-Site), Ethernet Lite, Ethernet MAN, Ethernet Line, Optic Wave™, IP Gateway, and Managed Facilities-Co-location.
Refer to



What’s New and Improved in Office 2016?

What’s New and Improved in Office 2016?

Office 365 is built for your business.

Now with the all new Office 2016.

It’s the Office you know, plus tools to help you work better together, so you can get more done—anytime, anywhere.

With Office 2016, you regularly get new and improved features. Take a look below to see what’s available to you today and come back later to find out what else has been added.

If you’re new to Office or new to an app, check out the Office 2016 Quick Start Guides. If you want to learn about available training, visit the Office Training Center. If you want to find out why you should upgrade to Office 2016, watch this video.

Need to install Office 2016? Learn more about how to upgrade to Office 2016.

New features:

  • Co-Authoring

In Word and PowerPoint

Work with others simultaneously on a document regardless of the device you’re using.

  • Simplified Sharing

In Word, PowerPoint, and Excel

Just click the Share button in the Ribbon for easy sharing right from your Office documents. See who has access to a given document and who is currently working in the document, and change individual authoring permissions for any document you own.

  • Shared Notebooks

In OneNote

Collect any and all relevant information (e.g., photos, videos, clippings, drawings,…) in one central location, work with others, and watch the app sync changes within seconds.

  • Real-Time Typing

In Word

As you collaborate with others in a document, see where others are working and view their edits as they happen.

  • Modern Attachments

In Outlook

Attach a document from your recent items and share them from OneDrive or SharePoint with email recipients. Also configure sharing permissions so that all the recipients have access to the attached file without having to leave the app.

  • Mail Triage

In Outlook

The Clutter feature learns how you prioritize your mail and then helps you by putting low priority messages in a separate folder (while still giving you a daily summary so you don’t miss anything). When on the go, you can also take advantage of this capability by using the Focused Inbox.

  • Improved Version History

In Word, PowerPoint, and Excel

Refer back to previous snapshots and earlier drafts of documents during the editing process as you collaborate with others.

  • One-Click Forecasting

In Excel

With one simple click, create forecast charts based on historical data and predict future trends. This new capability uses the industry standard Exponential Smoothing (ETS) algorithm to give you reliable forecasting data.

  • New Chart Types

In Word, PowerPoint, and Excel

Visualize financial or hierarchical data, and highlight statistical properties of your data with new chart types: Treemap, Waterfall, Pareto, Histogram, Box and Whisker, and Sunburst.

  • Export Data Source Information to Excel

In Access

Get a list of all the linked data sources from your Access database application into Excel for reference.

  • More Flexible Timelines

In Project

Not only leverage multiple timelines to illustrate different phases or categories of work, but also set the start and end dates for each timeline separately, to paint a clearer overall picture of the work involved.

  • Better Control over Resource Scheduling

In Project

Negotiate an agreement, called a resource engagement, to make sure that resources with limited availability are being used appropriately and effectively throughout your organization.

  • Improved Data Connectivity

In Visio Professional

Connecting your diagram to Excel data is now just one step away. Make sure there is a one-to-one match between values in an Excel column and the text for each shape on the diagram, and simply click Quick Import on the Data tab.

  • Modern Shapes

In Visio

Take advantage of the many redesigned shapes that are now available. In Visio Professional, the Basic Electrical template now has shapes that are compliant with the IEEE standard. In Visio Standard, the Office Layout shapes have been updated. Also check out the Starter diagrams to quickly get going.

  • Better Together with Windows 10

In Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Mail, Calendar, and OneNote

Take the Office mobile apps for a spin and find out why they are the perfect option for on-the-go productivity. They help you do great work anywhere, anytime, with documents in full fidelity across all your Windows 10 devices.

  • Office Themes

In Word, PowerPoint, Excel, OneNote, Outlook, Access, Project, Visio, and Publisher

Pick the Office theme that’s right for you. The Dark Gray theme provides a high contrast look and feel that is easy on the eyes. The Colorful theme offers a modern and fresh look. The White theme provides a traditional Office look.

  • Tell Me

In Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, Project, Visio, and Access

Simply type what you want to do in the app using your own words, and then Tell Me will guide through the process as well as offer additional resources.

  • Smart Lookup

In Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Outlook

Fact-check or explore terms in your documents with Bing-powered Smart Lookup. Simply highlight terms in your document and use this feature to bring in search results from the web right into your reading or authoring environment.

  • OneDrive Integration

In Word, PowerPoint, Excel, OneNote, and Outlook

Access your Office documents from anywhere and any device by saving them to OneDrive, pick up anywhere you left off, and co-author with others from the comfort of your office or home, or even on the go.

  • Skype Integration

Use Skype to check in and collaborate with someone using Instant Messaging (IM), voice, video, or screen sharing. Also join online meetings while on the go using the Skype for Business mobile app. See who is online, IM meeting participants, and follow along when a presenter shares his screen – all from your tablet or phone.

  • Cross-Platform, Cross-Device

In Word, PowerPoint, Excel, OneNote, and Outlook

Easily switch from one device to the next without missing a beat. View and edit your Office documents across Windows, Android, and Apple devices. Review, edit, analyze, and present with a consistent look and familiar user experience across your devices.

tech improvements to boost your business

Receive our news

Office Mobile is pre-installed on the new Lumia 950 to help you do more on the go. The Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook Mail and Outlook Calendar apps are touch-friendly and easy to use. Access your docs from anywhere, then share, review and add comments, so you won’t miss a beat when you’re on the move. You can even use the Office apps on your phone like a PC with Office support for Continuum.

Have a quick question about the new Office 2016? To stay up to date with the latest articles connect with us directly on LinkedIn and Google+.