6 Essential WordPress Plugins for 2021

6 Essential WordPress Plugins for 2021

We use WordPress because it’s a perfect blank canvas for any website. But out of the box it’s fairly basic.

We start each new site by adding a set of plugins that have proven to work for many of our customers. Without further ado…

1. SMTP Mailer (aka Postman)

By default, WordPress uses our hosting server to send mail. That is find in many cases, but for professional use it’s ideal to use your own mail server, which means for our clients, their Microsoft Exchange account. It’s not a big deal unless your website is generating and sending emails to clients, as an ecommerce site will do. Postman configures WordPress to send all mail from your own account via the SMTP protocol.

2. Yoast SEO

There are only really two main SEO plugins that have stood the test of time and we choose Yoast because it provides the most insight, and guidance, into a site’s SEO performance. We can see at a glance when our pages and posts aren’t setup the way they should be for maximum exposure to search engines. This allows people who are not the web designer to add content with confidence.

3. LiteSpeed Cache

There are a few good cache plugins freely available for WordPress and LS Cache is the one that works best with our hosting environment. You can try that one for yourselves, or give W3 Total Cache.

4. Really Simple SSL

Having a valid security certificate setup on your website is really important these days. Not only is it a non-optional for ecommerce, it lends trust to your content-only site as well. While many web-hosts give SSLs to their customers automatically, WordPress does not automatically use a SSL address. Really Simple SSL ensures that not only your site’s URL, but all locally linked content such as images, resolves to a secure URL. It won’t give you a SSL certificate, but it will make sure your site is setup to work with the one you already have.

5. Wordfence

While seeing overactive due to the amount it is doing for your website, Wordfence is last but not least. It prevents almost all predictable malicious activity on your site. While the free tier is generously capable, we suggest businesses invest in the premium tier for the most up to date protection.

6. Limit Login Attempts Reloaded

Limit Login Attempts Reloaded will lockout users who use incorrect credentials more than a certain number of times.

Bonus WordPress tips!

  • turn of comments in settings if you don’t really want them, you’ll avoid some spam
  • Use a username other than “admin” for greater security.
  • activate the pre-installed Akismet with a wordpress.com license – it’s an easy process.
Google Rolls Out Search Update (December 2020)

Google Rolls Out Search Update (December 2020)

Google has just updated the way their search engine ranks websites, which they do a couple of times a year. While the results are generally not drastic, this does mean that your site may gain or lose traffic. We’ve noticed that some of our clients have gained traffic for content on their site that is particularly useful for searchers.

What is Google looking for in terms of content that will rank highly for you?

  • Write content that is relevant to your audience and addresses their specific problem. Be natural and write for people, not a search engine. Ideally, it should be content that others will want to link and share.
  • Include graphics and video when relevant and when it adds value to your readers.
  • Make sure the page title, headings and sub-headings are relevant, but don’t try to stuff them with keywords.
  • Use internal links, such as linking new pages link to important pages of your site when relevant.

While the new update may not have caused big shifts in your web traffic, it’s a reminder that the game of getting traffic and ultimately business online doesn’t stand still, and you need to keep monitoring your results and improving your site.

If you have decided it’s time to up your SEO game and would like a hand, give us a call. We can put together and help implement a strategy to grow your business through SEO and digital marketing.


Quick Guide to Google’s Core Web Vitals SEO update

Quick Guide to Google’s Core Web Vitals SEO update

Just when you thought you had your site’s SEO under control,
Google announces they are rolling out new ranking factors, known as Core Web
Vitals (CWV).

But don’t panic just yet. SEO is not going to change, and
this is a good opportunity to check if your site is serving up the best
possible user experience, which is ultimately what both visitors and Google are
looking for.

So firstly, what are the Core Web Vitals, and secondly, what
action should you be taking? Let’s take a look.

The CWV are a set of three new metrics that Google will monitor
as signals for its search engine rankings. Note that there are certainly other
important metrics for your SEO, but these three are a little different from
typical SEO factors used in the past. They relate to speed, responsiveness and
page stability,  and the beauty of them is that they are very specific – “loading speed” for example can be measured in
different ways, but Google is now defining the metric more specifically, which
is actually super useful when you’re working on SEO.

So what are they?

Largest Contentful Paint (LCP). This relates to page
speed. You’re already optimizing for speed (or should be!) but LCP measures the
loading speed of the largest element on the page, measured in terms of screen
real estate.

First Input Delay (FID). This measures the time
before the user can interact with the page, such as by clicking a button. Developers
will be incentivised to build pages that get to the relevant interaction as
quickly as possible.

Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS). There’s nothing more
annoying than trying to click on a button or field on a loading page only to
find it replaced by another element mid-click or while your finger is hovering.
At worst, you end up clicking on the wrong thing, only to waste more time
loading an irrelevant page.

What should I do about the Core Web Vitals?

First up, it’s easy to check how your site is stacking up through
your Google Search Console. You’ll find the new metrics prominently included
under Enhancements on the navigation column. Performance is given for mobile
and desktop, and each metric is flagged as Good, Needs Improvement, or Poor.

Once you’ve identified the elements holding back your pages,
you can start knocking them off. The good news is that if you have a large
number of pages with problems, there’s likely to be only a small number of
issues to be fixed. For example, compressing an image file may be all you need
to do to improve your LCP performance across all the pages that feature that

In addition to the normal methods of speeding up page loading, fixing FID and CLS may involve a bit of page redesign. Good practice is to keep things simple, but you may need help from your developer if there’s a lot going on with your page and your Core Web Vitals need attention.

Overall, the addition of these new metrics will lead to
better page experience and gives you the chance to optimise and beat your competition.

Why and How to Sort Out Your Business Website

Why and How to Sort Out Your Business Website

SEO Tips and Tricks

Key Communications Brisbane SEO

If your website isn’t correctly optimised, you’re missing out on new business. About 60% of searches now take place on mobile devices, and Google ranks mobile websites higher in search engine results, so make sure your site is mobile friendly or at least responsive. Other factors such as keyword placement, meta information and backlinks can affect your site as well. So, if your site isn’t optimised properly, you’re likely to be losing leads and potential customers to your competitors.

The speed of your site is important, too. If a page isn’t fully loaded in less than five seconds, the probability of people leaving roughly doubles (from two seconds’ load time) according to US research. Check out how fast yours is at Google’s PageSpeed Insights. This factor is all the more important given that mobile browsers have lower bandwidth meaning pages load slower and large pages can use a significant portion of a phone user’s data.

Using a secure connection is not only smart marketing, it’s only fair to your customers.

A secure site (https rather than http) is also a must-have. Customers are less likely to fill in personal information if the site isn’t secure. In fact, if your site users are doing this, they’re at risk of personal information being stolen from them, especially on public Wi-Fi networks. Because of this, search engines are starting to dish out penalties for insecure sites, so this is thing to do sooner rather than later. Hence, using a secure connection is not only smart marketing, it’s only fair to your customers.

Keycomm Local Brisbane SEO

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a big deal and one that needs to be monitored continuously. To help your business show up in local searches and listings, you’ll need local SEO – that means optimising your site for local searches and keywords. Here at Keycomm we have local Brisbane SEO experts and digital marketers to optimise your site, find keywords that matter to you and create quality content. We can also help customers business’s name, address and phone number, and keep you up to speed with social media.

Feel free to ask Key Communications for help.

Digital Signage Brisbane

Digital Signage Brisbane

Introducing… KeyCloud Digital Signage Brisbane

Get your business recognized with Digital Signage by Key Communications

KeyCloud Digital Signage Brisbane

Introducing the all new interactive cloud based digital signage software from Key communications. If you’re looking to get your business noticed, then purchasing our digital signage solution is going to be the best investment you ever made. Here’s why:

  • KeyPlayer: We offer a powerful Android Media Player that is simple to setup on any TV with a HDMI input.
  • Custom Templates: Create completely customisable templates to display your advertisements. Need a running text ticker at the bottom of the screen? How about the weather displayed? A social media feed to the left? It’s all possible.
  • Cloud Hosted: All your images and videos will be stored on the Amazon Cloud. Allowing for access from anywhere in the world.
  • Remote Management: Through the use of the cloud, you will be able to update and change any of your displays from anywhere in the world.
  • Advanced Scheduler: Remotely schedule what advertisements will play at what times and on what screens through an easy to use calendar.
  • Full Training & Support: Key Communications will provide 2 hours of training on using the software as well as provide video tutorials you can watch at any time. We are also available for phone support between 9 – 5 Monday – Friday.

Digital Signage software can be used on the following platforms:


Digital Signage on Google Play

  • Download and install Android app for KeyCloud digital signage from Google playstore for your Android based devices (digital signage device, media player, tablet, phone). To know more about Android based device, click here.
  • To get this app, go to Google playstore and search for “KeyCloud Digital Signage”.

Chrome OS

KeyCloud Digital Signage on Chrome Web Store

  • KeyCloud Digital Signage is available on Chrome OS based devices like Chromebit or Chromebox. To know more click here.
  • KeyCloud Chrome app is available in Chrome webstore. To get this app, access Chrome Webstore from your Chromebit or Chromebox device and search for “KeyCloud Digital Signage”.


KeyCloud Digital Signage on Windows

  • Supports signage player or machine supporting Windows 10. Download and install the setup file in the signage player. Register your device with KeyCloud cloud solution and your are done!
  • Download now.

$10,000 QLD Government Digital Grant for Small Businesses!

$10,000 QLD Government Digital Grant for Small Businesses!

Are you a small business in Queensland looking to grow or build an online presence? Does your website need an update? Do you want to sell products online? Do you need to market your business? Social media feeling a bit overwhelming? Well, the Queensland government is willing to match dollar for dollar on a digital project up to $10,000! A simple $5,000 budget would become $10,000! Imagine how much more bang for your buck advertising you would receive!

If you want new leads, customers and more money coming in the door, you MUST do some online marketing! Social Media marketing is incredibly cheap and effective! Let Key Communications guide you and your brand into becoming a social media powerhouse!

What you need to know about the QLD Government Small Business Grant!

The Details:

If you have a small business, the QLD Government is offering an incredible almost unmissable opportunity to grow your business in the digital world. Is it finally time your business reached the wider online audience?

Incredible website + Marketing Budget = Guaranteed growth and more customers!

If you are eligible for this Grant you can receive matching funding up to the value of $10,000 (excluding GST) to boost your budget for digital marketing.

Is my Business eligible for the grant?

If you tick all of these requirements then….YES!

• I employ fewer than 20 employees
• I have an Australian Business Number (ABN) and am registered for GST
• I’m based in Queensland or run the majority of my operations in this state
• I have a turnover of $2 million or less in the last financial year
• I am willing to declare if any directors or co-owners of my business are an undischarged bankrupt or insolvent
• In the event of securing this funding, I can provide a project completion report explaining how the funds were used

What can I use this grant for?

Building a Brand-New Website! We could update or create you a whole new website.
Do you want an online shopping platform? Maybe you have some crazy ideas on how to make your business stand out. If not, we can help with that!
A fresh website will entice new customers and allow your business to grow!
Building a Google Ads campaign, google ads are one of the most effective ways to grow your business.
Building a strong social media (Facebook/Instagram) presence and ad campaign to drive customers to your business!

How do I apply for the grant?

Applications are open for the Small Business Digital Grants Program until 5pm on the 8 October 2018. Remember, you could receive up to $10,000 in matched grant funding from the Qld Government to attract, convert & delight more customers, so you don’t want to miss out!
Apply for the grant here!

How Key Communications can help?

Key Comm would love to help you prepare a plan to grow your business to new levels! We are offering a one-hour consultation where we can discuss Digital Marketing oppertunities and ways to grow your business. With a $10,000 grant available, there’s never been a better time to get in touch with Key Communications for a digital project!

So if you would like a one-hour consultation, give us a call on 1300 755 615 and we’ll arrange a suitable time for a meeting!