Safeguard your Brand, Buy your .AU domain

Safeguard your Brand, Buy your .AU domain

In addition to improving your local SEO and other benefits mentioned earlier this year, purchasing a .AU domain name will protect your business and all the hard work you put in to build your brand.

Time is running out; priority allocation for .AU domain names ends on the 20th of September 2022, after which point, .au domains will become available to everyone.

If competitors or imitators purchase your .AU domain, they can divert your customers toward their business or tarnish your reputation. 

Don’t let others take advantage of your hard work. We sell domains! Reach out today to let us help you secure your .AU domain.

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Let’s support local business

Let’s support local business

Businesses are struggling at the moment due to the aftermath of the pandemic, staff and supply shortages and the cost of living increasing. Here at KeyTech, we want to relieve some of your business burdens with our technical expertise and reward you for introducing us to your associates.

By referring us to your business connections, we can unite and support each other in the local business community during these challenging times.

Terms and Conditions

*Referring business must be a current client of KeyTech and on a current contract with KeyTech

*Referred businesses will receive a 20% discount off their first month’s invoice

*20% discount will be applied to the referring business’ monthly invoice on the following month after their referral has converted to a sale

*There are no limits to how many referrals you make, each successful conversion adds 20% off. For example, if you refer 2 contacts and both take on services for 12 months, you receive 40% off your next month’s invoice and each of your referrals receives 20% off their first month.

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Small Business Technology, Skills and Training Boost

Small Business Technology, Skills and Training Boost

On March 29 2022, the Morrison Government announced it will support Australian small businesses and encourage them to invest in digital technology, skills and training. The new measures are subject to decisions from the new Government.

Small Business Technology Investment Boost

The boosts are for eligible businesses that have less than $50 million in annual turnovers. Suitable businesses can claim eligible tech spending, of up to $100,000, until June 30 2023, in their 2022-23 tax return.

Small Business Skills & Training Boost

The Skills and Training Boosts will give small businesses access to a further 20% deduction on eligible external training courses for upskilling their employees. The Skills and Training Boost will apply to costs incurred from March 2022 until 30th June 2024, delivering $550 million in tax relief.

What can be claimed?

Claim on expenditures and depreciating assets that support digital uptake. Budget documents suggest SMEs will be free to claim the cost of

Scenario where a plumbing company has 100 employees and an annual turnover of $40 million. Employer purchases 50 laptops costing $90,000, creates a new website for $20,000 and pays $200,000 for training for his employees. At tax time, the company is able to deduct an extra $62,000 and reduce their tax bill to $15,500
How to create a strong password

How to create a strong password

81% of security breaches occur as a result of simple passwords – 36% of those breaches are via phishing attacks. Cybercrime is at a record high, so we are hoping these tips will help you keep your data safe online.

Due to increasing identity fraud and cyber-attacks, we aim to inform you about what a great password should look like and how you can keep your credentials secure. Applying these tips will increase your online security and reduce the risk of a data breach.

Add a variety of uppercase, lowercase, numbers and symbols into your password

Use a combination of characters.

Use a variety of UPPERCASE and lowercase letters, at least one number (for example 0-9) AND one character (for example !@#$%).

Do not reuse your passwords. If your password is compromised, changing the password slightly does not make it more secure.

Don’t re-use your passwords.

More than one account will be at risk if your password is compromised.

When updating your passwords, ensure they are distinctly original because a slight change will not make them more secure.

Avoid using personal information in your passwords.

Using personal information in your passwords, such as your date of birth, pet and children’s names can make it easier for someone to hack into your account.

The longer the better!

Long passwords that contain a variety of characters will be more secure.

Change your password regularly*

*Changing to a new password every three months can limit breaches to multiple accounts and help your data stay secure online. Ensure your passwords are completely different and do not use a variation of the previous password.

Use a password manager.

There are a number of password managers available to individuals and businesses. A password manager gives you a central location to store all of your passwords. Password managers can generate secure passwords too!

Round 3 of Small Business Basics Grants

Round 3 of Small Business Basics Grants

Attention, Small Business owners! New opening dates have been announced for Business Basics Grants!

Round 3 opens for applications as follows:

Regional Queensland funding stream: 9 am, Monday 16 May 2022

South East Queensland funding stream: 9 am, Tuesday 17 May 2022

Grant information can be found on the QLD government website.

This grant is for START UPS and small business owners just getting back on their feet. It offers $5,000 cash upfront to go towards things like:

  1. Coaching and Training
  2. Creating or updating your website
  3. Business planning and advice
  4. Strategic marketing planning and advice
  5. Cyber Security tools and training

We are here to help your local small business succeed by understanding your goals and the essence of your brand. Please give us a call if we can help you with any of your digital marketing, I.T Support, and communication needs.

TikTok for small business

TikTok for small business

TikTok is more than just a dance and fast content app for teenagers. This Platform can be a great opportunity to expand your business. 

The app currently exceeds one billion users, mostly from Generation Z. This popularity has also spread to businesses. At the end of August, TikTok partnered with Shopify to allow the option to shop through the app. A month later, Square joined a similar association. Both integrations are still in beta testing but will allow businesses to link their products to TikTok videos. This will allow a purchase directly from the application. 

If your e-commerce on Shopify or Square, you can take advantage of marketing through TikTok. You simply request access through these two platforms, and you will be able to link your TikTok videos directly to your products. 

Don’t worry about filters, trends, and dances, we are going to help you with a few tips: 

Tips for small business in TikTok 

The key to selling on TikTok is to have an attractive channel, with visits and a lot of engagement. Is super important that you find your identity in this new platform, here are some tips that you can follow: 

1.Show don’t sell.  

Be as organic as possible. Don’t go overboard with sales pitches. Simply find an attractive or trendy way to display your products. 

Some ideas could be to show casual videos of your business, how to use your products or if you sell clothes creating looks for each week. Use the trends and adapt them to your brand. 

What makes this platform so attractive is that you don’t know what’s going to go viral or what’s going to take off. Trends are constantly changing with content designed for all types of audiences. TikTok has an efficient artificial intelligence system when it comes to displaying personalized content for each of its users. If your video has many reproductions or a high interaction, this will make the platform show more of your page. The more visits, the more probability of sale. 

You must stay on top of trends before they disappear. Knowing how to adapt content to what is fashionable will help you a lot. You can use the search for the most used hashtags, as well as the most viral content. Fortunately, TikTok allows you to easily explore its trends. 

2. Posting and posting  

Unlike other social media platforms, TikTok doesn’t just show you videos from people you already follow. The app’s home page, known as the “For You” page, is an endless stream of content mixed with a healthy dose of videos from people you don’t follow but the app thinks you might like. This will make your videos have a much larger reach and you can reach a much wider audience. 

TikTok wants to retain its users if possible, within its platform. That means that uploading videos periodically will help you to be able to enter their suggestions. In addition, the app rewards the videos that are most viewed, showing more content of the popular account or appearing in suggestions with related content. 

3. Participate in the #smallbusiness community 

TikTok has allowed many businesses to be known and have exponential sales. There’s even an in-app #smallbusiness community for entrepreneurs, who share and promote content with their trends, sounds, and hashtags. 

 If you do not have platforms like Shopify or Square, you can participate in the benefits of TikTok as well. You can link your website in your TikTok profile and add a Linkpop page, which allows you to curate your online store, featured products, and other types of content, using just one link. 

We hope that all these tips have been useful for you. TikTok is a completely free and easily accessible platform, so don’t be afraid to explore your possibilities. Have fun, try different ways of communicating and explore your most creative side.